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New 06-02, 20:30
nvm .. i will fix the forum
New 05-02, 03:09
Sorry for image lost and such which appear like bugs... i will soon change my host and fix the forums/website till then, we have to live with that
New 04-02, 20:16
03.03.2018 i need to stand my duty in Military for 3 Months in Greece. Servers maybe will offlune (not mc!) We will see greetings
New 03-02, 15:24
is nur ein title.. ich lösche die leute nicht. Im server geht das halt automatisch
New 03-02, 13:18
schau doch
New 03-02, 10:24
Du hattest niemals admin rechte im forum lol
New 03-02, 08:58
wollte dir nur sagen das du vergessen hast mir admin zu entnehmen hier im Forum
New 03-02, 08:56
hey @imperial vielleicht kennste mich noch
New 03-02, 02:59
Das back up von der alten seite..
New 03-02, 02:35
wtf you mean?
New 03-02, 02:35
old css?
New 03-02, 02:20
Anyway, reverted everything to back to oldskool. What i need niw is the old css of the website template. Can you send via steam moonie?
New 03-02, 02:18
he knows*
New 03-02, 02:18
He kbiw
New 03-02, 01:50
he dont talk about minecraft ....
New 03-02, 01:07
New 03-02, 01:07
I'm doing pretty good actually. On an 8 day break from work and have been playing the new Final Fantasy game that just came out. Super fun
New 03-02, 01:06
quite fine and you ?x=)
New 03-02, 01:05
So how are you doing?
New 03-02, 01:05
yes for ever <3
New 03-02, 01:04
Oh, back to the original
New 31-01, 22:30
Im interessed in some managers for it.
New 31-01, 22:29
https://www.soyoustart.com/de/angebote/150game1.xml For all curious: i know that the ZombieRiot Server is dead but it bringing it online again is unnecessary i will brimg back soon all ZN Servers back. Except the non ZM Servers. (Look up Link) .
New 30-01, 11:03
ok,I'll be careful but please tell crazyfox "Don't retry again"
New 30-01, 11:02
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