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Thread: New Server by CatsyLady

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    New Server by CatsyLady

    i made a new server (old school zombienetwork stylw ^^)
    its still not complete with settings and plugins,
    but this will come at the time.

    however, you can just join and build homes.
    you can PM me the coordinates to get protection

    Join: zn-mc.com

    Version 1.9-1.12 Spigot

    Dynmap: http://www.zn-mc.com:8123

    If no admin is on, you can claim(protect) land 32 x32 blocks,
    go upperside corners 1 and 2, type /pos1 second corner /pos2

    then type: /rg claim nameofyourland

    more follow . . .


    Server location is USA
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