ZN, Lets start first with the Information/Rules:

1. An Admin are not allowed to Abuse his rights.
2. An Admin should have an adult behavior and do not act like a monkey.
3. An Admin should be everyday, a minimum of ca. 10 mins on the Server(s).
4. An Admin can not unnecessarily mess with his rights.
5. An Admin should despite of Anti-Cheat, have a good Eye.
6. The Admin must be at least 16 years old.
7. The Admin must have a valid Steam account.
8. The Admin has to keep track of the popularity values of the map & adjust accordingly.
9. Can not use scripts.
10. VIP-Licensed User, means, you must own this user rank before you can at all write an application.
In addition, the VIP license must be kept active since you are awarded with Perks & not just the admin rights.

ZN1, Information, Rights, Management.

- - - - - - - -
You can access the Admin-Menu through the chat with ' !admin '.
This allows you to have all the rights you need around our server(s) -
To protect & adapt your situation. !vip is also provided -
As well as own skins, abilities .. etc ..

- - - - -
Slay, Kick, Ban, Mute & Gag.
Lead Admin - Rights:
All (prerequisite, however, here is successful, complain-free admin for a long time).
Minimum age 18 and accordingly a behavior (See Application Forum).
ATTENTION! Abuse may be Punished, who abusing his rights will be removed directly and on top will recieve 1 Month BAN.
See Paragraph ZN, Line 1.

- - - - - - - - -
Our Admins are Stored/Controlled via an Multi-Media Database,
If an Admin execute an command (which he shouldn) we will be Inform via SMS -
with the command, Player Name & SteamID. If an Ban or Gag has been given, we can check those with our SourceBans System.
But if an other command has been used (to troll) Your Admin Rights will be Directly Removed !!
But also our Lead-Admins are there to keep an eye open.
Someone with Professional English is also Welcome to Translate/Improve this thread.

Your Thread should have the name "Admin Application" .

~ Thread Example ~
Those Informations Should be on your thread or the application will be ignored and/or Deleted.




Email: (The Email you used to purchase VIP ++ License before).

Why?: . . .

Server: For which server you're Applicating?

Micro: Do you have one and want to use it?

Signature: ex: #Imperial.