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Copy/Paste the following and fill in with your informations.

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[b][color=#0040FF][size=3]Private Informations[/size][/color][/b]  
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Name[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Age[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Sex[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Location[/size][/b]: 

 [b][color=#0040FF][size=3]About Games[/size][/color][/b]  
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Gamer-tag[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Favourite Map[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Favourite Weapon[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Favourite Game[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Since when you play on our Servers?[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Average playing time per week?[/size][/b]:  
:arrow:  [b][size=3]How did you find/know us ?[/size][/b]

[b][color=#0040FF][size=3]System Configuration[/size][/color][/b]  
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Processor[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]RAM[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]GPU/APU[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Keyboard[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Mouse[/size][/b]: 
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Do you have a microphone?[/size][/b]: 

 [b][color=#0040FF][size=3]Extra Information(s)[/size][/color][/b]  
:arrow:  [b][size=3]Other stuff u want mention[/size][/b]:
the purpose of the presentation is to know a little more about you, so empty presentations or with 3 words will be deleted, thank you for your understanding.

Private Informations
Name: Anton
Age: 21
Sex: Masculine
Location: Germany

About Games
Gamer-tag: zn_imperial
Favourite Map: zm_moonlight_v3
Favourite Weapon: G3SG1
Favourite Game: CS:Source
Since when you play on our Servers?: I played since 2009 on the zn servers
Average playing time per week?: 128 Hours
How did you find/know us ?: by luck

System Configuration
Processor: Ryzen 3 2200g 3,7 ghz
RAM: 8 GB DDR4 Sportix
GPU/APU: Vega 8, 2 GB
Keyboard: Crossair STRAFE
Mouse: uRage
Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Extra Information(s)