What are Community Raffle(s) ?

Community Raffle(s) (on ZombieNetwork) are monthly based V.I.P-Raffles.
This Raffles need at least 21 members, because raffles are based on Competition wehre Players need to reach for example; a specific Rank, Points or Awards based on our GameME Ranking System.
Everyone can take part in it also previous Winners can take place in same Award twice.
Winners will be announced in the "Winners" Section, The Raffle lasts at least 28 Days.

How we can take Part?

You can simply take part by making a thread in the "Join" section, Post your Steam_ID and In-game name and wait.
When 21 Members are reached we can start.

Note: 21 is the minimum but not maximum.

What we can win?

The prices can be individual per Raffel but we have stored some approaches for you:

- Free VIP 1 Month

- Free VIP 3 Months

- Free VIP (Permanent) + Personal Skin

- Personal Skin

- Permanent VIP on all Servers

Please fill in this informations when making a new thread:

HTML Code:
In-game Name:
Event Name:
Event Date: