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    ZE Event #1 - Trip to Shroomforest [ENG]

    ZE Event #1 - Trip to Shroomforest

    Hello, everybody!

    Welcome to the very first event on our brand new Zombie Escape Server.

    At the first event we go to the shroomforest. Items, boss fights and several levels await us there. But these are not the only things waiting for us: We also have to escape from these zombies, defend and secure doors, gates and various places until we reach our goal and can enjoy the victory. Too good, we have multiple items, which are spread all over the map. Each item has a special ability, one lets the zombies freeze for a few seconds, the other does damage to them. Oh, yeah, then there's the one that's slowing them down. With each level, not only the places, where we have to defend, become more difficult, also the bossfights are harder. Fortunately there is the heal item! It gives each CT its 100HP again. You collect an item by throwing away your secondary weapon (pistol), if you have it you can use it with the USE key (E), after the item has been used it has a cooldown, which means: After you have used the item you have to wait a certain number of seconds, until you can use it again. With !hud you can also activate the item display, which then appears in the middle right of your screen. It lists all items that have been collected and whether they are currently usable or still in cooldown. The item itself also looks different after you have used it and looks normal again as soon as the cooldown is over.


    Heal - It has the ability to heal people in its area on (100 HP). Unlimited usage with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

    Ice - Creates an ice area in front of the player that freezes the zombies inside for about 6 seconds. As with other freezing items, the Freeze collects all knockback and triggers them when the Freeze expires. Unlimited usage with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    Fire - Creates a frontal cone of fire that ignites zombies inside. This will cause you to lose damage and slow you down. Unlimited use with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    Wind - The player surrounds himself with wind and expels zombies for 5-6 seconds. Unlimited usage with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

    Gravity - It creates a black hole that slows all zombies near it for 6 seconds. Unlimited usage with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

    Earth - A grass wall is created in front of the player, completely blocking the path and remaining for about 5 seconds. Earth also blocks CT's, so you have to be careful when using the item so you don't leave any teammates behind.
    Note: If the wall grows (and doesn't appear immediately), you should activate it before zombies can stab you, otherwise the zombie will go up with the growing wall. Unlimited usage with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

    6 Mines - With this item you can place 6 mines/shrooms on the ground. These mines explode and ignite zombies when they run on them (ignites not only the zombie running on them, but also nearby zombies). It has a cooldown of 1 second, so you can't place all mines at once. As the name suggests, you can place 6 mines. The item disappears after all mines are used up.

    Ultimate Weapon - It's a secret item in level 3. It freezes zombies in its range and can kill them with one blow. Recommended would be to use the item with the boss of level 3 (Satan), and not in level 3 Extreme with this boss (a flying dragon). Besides, you can only use it once!


    Easy Mode - In this we will meet the evil butterfly for the first time.

    Hard Mode - We must defeat Pikachu.

    Hell Mode - In this one we will meet Satan.
    Note: After this mode we will be put into Extreme mode, where the whole thing starts from the beginning, but everything will be a bit more difficult. Many always are confused by the way at the end, where you end up back in the village (Spawn). Also, in Extreme Mode, the hold points increase over time, the bosses' attacks increase in damage, and zombies get many more benefits.


    Since Zombie Escape Maps are very large, it would be advisable to download the map before, if you don't have fast Internet. You can find the download in the Summary.

    TIP: To install the map, open the downloaded file(s) and extract them, place the .bsp under the download/map directory, which is normally located in the following path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\downloads\maps

    Estimated duration of the event

    If we are good at it, we will complete all levels in 40 minutes, in extreme cases: 60 minutes.

    Server: ]=[ ZombieNetwork V ]=[ - Zombie Escape - Unlimited Ammo
    Server IP:
    Map: ze_shroomforest_v3
    Date: Saturday, 29th december 2018
    Time: 8:00 PM GMT+1
    Leader: ENERGERMAN
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