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Giveaways Guide


The following text contains everything you have to know about giveaways at www.ZombieNetwork.net

How do giveaways work with ZN?

Simple as math ;) We add your STEAM_ID to an smart program, which loads for 24 hours and then picks a STEAM_ID by luck.

That also means that we do not choose a winner by hand, we just collect the STEAM_IDs and put them into the program.

So how to take part?

Well, first of all you have to fullfil some requirments before attempting to take part, make sure that:

1.) You are part of our Steam group.

2.) You are part of our Gametracker group.

3.) You are subscriber of our official YouTube channel.

4.) Your Steam profile is set to public.

5.) Your Steam friendlist isn't full because an Staff or a Cometee member will add you for a transfer, this will occur for example when we giveaway games.

6.) You're an official member, to become so post an Introduction at the "Member Hub".

If you fullfil the requirments, you can proceed: Member Hub > giveaways > participation

Post there an topic and include in it:

a.) Your STEAM_ID

b.) Your Steam profile link (url)

c.) Your Gametracker profile

When do I get the price ?

You'll receive your price within 36 hours, Staff or Cometee member will add you on Steam.

An proof of the delivery will be posted under "delivered" in the Member Hub.

Are giveaways scheduled ?

Well, no. Giveaways happen spontaneous, so make sure to stick around ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Btw, Giveaways will be always announced in our Steam group and under giveaways > announcer at the "Member Hub" forum.

Thats it, GOOD LUCK!

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