Ranking Commands (CS:S ZombieRiot)

= Normal Commands:

== sm_rankme

== sm_session

== sm_statsme

== sm_hitboxme

== sm_weaponme

== sm_rank

== sm_next

== sm_top

== sm_top x (x equals number) (also topx on chat)

== sm_topkills

== sm_topkills x (x equals number) (also topkillsx on chat)

== sm_topdeaths

== sm_topdeaths x (x equals number) (also topdeathsx on chat)

== sm_topknife

== sm_topknife x (x equals number)

== sm_topnade

== sm_topnade x (x equals number)

== sm_tophs

== sm_tophs x (x equals number) (also tophsx on chat)

== sm_topacc

== sm_topacc x (x equals number) (also topaccx on chat)

== sm_toptime

== sm_toptime x (x equals number) (also toptimex on chat)

== sm_topweapon

== sm_topweapon x (x equals weapon name. Eg: glock,usp)

== sm_topweapon x z (x equals weapon name. Eg: glock,usp. z equals number)

== sm_resetmyrank

Note: Your rank points will never be lost, thus said; Rank will never be reseted.